About Bryce

Hi. My name is Bryce Smetzer, MSN, CRNP. I strive to help educate the general population about the positive effects of medical cannabis. I advocate for its use for various conditions and symptoms to enhance your quality of life. I will provide a proper education on the use and effects of medical cannabis and how it relates to you personally.

Contact me today to get your medical Cannabis card in Maryland!

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    Putting you first

    I strive to build professional, caring and long lasting informative communication with all of my patients. I feel that this sets me apart from most medical cannabis providers. I will always put your best interest first!

    Learn how to get your Cannabis Card

    I will come to you! In the comfort and convenience of your home. That's right, I make house calls!

    Strong research evidence

    My Ideal client is determined to use non-pharmacological interventions to optimize their health. Many people are faced with physical, mental, emotional and other varying health obstacles in their life.

    My clients are open minded and willing to use medical cannabis, for approved conditions, supported with strong research evidence.

    Personal approach

    I am very approachable and strive to build a personal relationship with all my patients. I can be contacted during any of our available business hours with any questions, or more conveniently, schedule an appointment with us via our Online Form.

    With years of experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner in the hospital setting, I know how to empower patients to the best of their health potential. Providing house calls to all of my patients allows a more personable approach to medical care. I firmly believe that a relaxed setting and getting to know my patients on their terms, allows me to be a better Provider. Let me do this for you.

    License and State: R211048 Maryland

    Determine your eligibility

    I can help you obtain your medical marijuana card by scheduling convenient and flexible office or house call visits, to educate and determine if medical cannabis is appropriate for your specific condition or health complaint. Not sure if you are eligible for medical cannabis use? I can help you with that determination as well.

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