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What are Terpenes in Weed?

If you struggle with chronic pain, you’re far from alone. Over 20% of Americans suffer from long-term conditions that make daily life uncomfortable and challenging. Luckily, medical marijuana can help to alleviate pain and get you back on your feet.

Cannabis terpenes are important for medical cannabis users to understand. But what are terpenes in weed? How can they affect you when you use a medical card?

Read on to answer these questions and more.

What Are Terpenes in Weed?

Terpenes are an important part of cannabis compounds that give weed its physical properties. Specifically, they give different strains of marijuana unique aromas and tastes. This is why no two strains are exactly alike.

Some terpenes give weed a bright, citruslike flavor reminiscent of oranges and lemons. Others are a bit sweeter and taste like vanilla or sugary candy. Many strains also spell and taste like a forest fire or even have a somewhat skunky scent.

But these initial aesthetic properties aren’t the only things that terpenes impact. They also change the effects that different weed strains cause on your mind.

Part of this is their interaction with other cannabinoids or compounds inside a weed strain. These interactions make some strains invigorating and energizing. Other strains might put you to sleep or have a relaxing, ‘chill’ effect.

In fact, terpenes are the main reason that indica and sativa impact the mind and body differently!

Indica strains have a lot of myrcene, which is a terpene that makes you tired. They’re going to put you to sleep pretty quickly, and you’ll probably spend a lot of your high watching TV shows and enjoying much-needed R&R.

On the other hand, sativa strains make you more creative and focused on interesting tasks. Their terpenes will make you more likely to write poetry, draw, try new crafts, and exercise in creative new ways.

The Different Types of Cannabis Terpenes

There are 15 distinct types of terpenes that you can find in common cannabis strains. Each of them creates a different flavor. Each of them also induces a unique psychoactive effect.

The most common types of terpenes are myrcene, limonene, and borneol.

Myrcene is the single most common terpene out there. Some types of cannabis have about 60% myrcene content, so you’re probably going to ingest a lot of it. This is a good thing because it has a pleasant fruity scene that also has an herbal, clove-like appeal.

Myrcene is extremely common in indica strains because it will make you relaxed and calm. It also will decrease inflammation and pain, which makes it a top choice for medical marijuana users.

Limonene is an extremely citrusy terpene that you’ll find in cleaning products as well as cannabis. It’s ideal for those who have immune system problems because it’s absorbed through inhalation. This also means that it can boost your mood and relieve stress, making it a common choice for those with anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

If you’ve smoked weed that smells and tastes like a forest fire, it probably had a high concentration of the terpene borneol. Borneol is used a lot in Chinese medicine because it stops inflammation. In many cases, it also may boost the impact of other medications you’re using.

Borneol may have the same anti-inflammation properties that myrcene does, but it doesn’t always have the same “chill” effect. Still, a lot of studies show that it might be good for stroke patients, so if you’re having issues after a stroke you might benefit from a medical card.

How Can Terpenes Impact You?

It’s important to note that terpenes aren’t going to make you high on their own. While some have psychoactive properties, they do impact the effects of THC. This is because they interact with other compounds inside the strain to create the intoxicating “high” effect.

Still, they do impact how high you get. If there are two cannabis plants of the same strain, the more aromatic is going to give you a better high. This is because aromatic weed contains more of the terpenes that give it its smell.

Terpenes impact you in all sorts of ways since no two are exactly the same. Since different weed strains also contain other compounds for terpenes to interact with, no two strains will work exactly alike. You’ll need to choose the one that best soothes your specific medical issues.

Generally, though, terpenes all interact with your brain’s endocannabinoid system. When they do this, they tell your brain to relieve the pain that you’re experiencing in other areas of your body. This is going to stop you from feeling inflammation and swelling in some cases, and in others, it’s going to relieve joint pain and discomfort from pulled muscles or tendons.

In other cases, this pain-relief effect will work on the brain to reduce anxiety and panic. It’s all about your needs!

It’s important to talk to an expert and figure out what terpenes you require and what strains of weed you should invest in. Medical marijuana can be a powerful tool, and it’s at its strongest when you can make well-informed decisions.


  • Do terpenes get you high?

Not on their own, no. But they do work with other cannabis compounds to get you high.

  • Can terpenes be ingested?

Terpenes can’t be ingested directly. However, you can ingest them by smoking the strains of cannabis that they’re found in.

  • Are terpenes legal?

On their own, yes. Terpenes are legal. However, the cannabis that they’re found in is not legal everywhere in the US.

In Maryland, recreational marijuana is prohibited by state law. However, medical marijuana is legal for those with approved cards. You can get these easily online if you have qualifying conditions.

Manage Pain With Medical Cannabis

So, what are terpenes in weed? On the most basic level, they’re the chemical compounds that give cannabis its most important properties. Now that you know how terpenes influence the smells and flavors of marijuana, it’s time to get started with medical cannabis.

Our experts are committed to helping you manage pain with medical marijuana. We’re excited to educate you on the ways that it can enhance your medical and physical well-being before giving you a Maryland medical card so you can get the necessary assistance. Fill out new patient intake forms to begin living your best life ASAP.

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