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At Maryland GreenScript Cannabis, the patient’s needs come first. We are one of the only Medical Cannabis Certification Providers in Maryland that comes to you!

Get your green card in as little as a few weeks. We can also help with finding Maryland medical marijuana dispensaries near you.

We have same day appointments available and we make house calls for medical marijuana applicants, providing you with extra care that we feel is so necessary in this post-COVID era.

We enjoy making a special doctor-patient relationship that goes beyond the medical expectations of other doctors in our field. We want you to feel special, and we do.

Our unsurpassed professionalism and caring, informative approach is our unique gift to you. We will establish a trusting and informative bond with all of our patients that will last for years to come.

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Learn More About Maryland’s Marijuana Laws & Regulations

Most Common Qualifying Conditions & Ailments for Medical Marijuana Card (Maryland)

Step-by-Step: How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Maryland’s Mobile Marijuana Doctor

Specializing in same day Medical Certification for Hospice Patients, in the privacy of your own home. Because our professional medical marijuana doctor, Bryce Smetzer, is

Have an Injury that keeps you from being able to go to a providers office? No problem! We will make a home visit, answer all of your questions, and set you up for Medical Cannabis success.

Do you have a medical condition that keeps you from visiting a certification doctor for your prescribed Medical Cannabis? No problem. Just contact us and we will come to you and make sure that your process gets completed. Even if you are in need of a Caregiver Certification.

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We are here to help provide the information that you need to process your paperwork as seamlessly as possible.

From our Cannabis Education page to a step by step instruction on how to get started. We are here to help guide you to your freedom from conventional medicines and live your life naturally.

Along the way if you have any questions, or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us right away! We are here for you.

Check out our simple guide on getting started with obtaining a medical marijuana card in Maryland.


Register with the State

Follow the link above to register with the State of Maryland. Check out our Register Page to make sure that you know all the facts and have all required information first. After you receive your approval, and your registration MMCC ID number, then move to step 2.


Meet the Provider

Make an appointment! We are your final step in receiving a Maryland Medical Cannabis Card so that you can shop for your cannabis inspired medicine, the natural way.

Chose from meeting us at our office or at the convenience of your own home! Thats right!

We Make House Calls!

Get Your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Today!

Need help getting your marijuana card but need a licensed medical marijuana doctor in Maryland? Don’t sweat – reach out to us at 443-536-2681 or email us at anytime for a FREE 10-15 minute phone consultation our certified and licensed medical marijuana doctor, Bryce Smetzer.

Contact us today with any questions!

Anyone who is interested in using Bryce Smetzer as their provider to get approved for cannabis I highly recommend him. He will take you through the process step-by-step and he really knows his stuff! Definitely give him a shout out.

Johnathan B.

Very professional and personable service by Bryce… could not speak any higher ( no pun intended ) of him!

Tony F.

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